Who we are

We believe encountering God’s presence changes lives, communities and nations

Vision & Values

Catch The Fire’s culture is supported by guiding values that underpin the four areas of focus within the church: 

  • Presence. 
  • Encountering God and each other. 
  • Transformation of lives and cities. 
  • Overflow into the community. 

His Manifest Presence:

We do life with God. We welcome and pursue the manifest power and presence of the Father amongst us so we can experience His goodness in our lives, valuing the anointing of the Holy Spirit on us, in us and around us so we can bring others into encountering and walking with God. 



We value the importance of a real and vital relationship with the three persons of the Godhead. We are Christ centred, living in the revelation of the Father’s love and filled with the Holy Spirit. 



Healing and transformation of the body, soul and spirit are vital to our journey. We allow the love of God to transform our lives into the likeness of Christ. 



We believe in empowerment by activating the gifts, calling and anointing on the individual so they can be released to walk in the fullness of their purpose, passionate about all of us being who we are called to be. Children of God with authority because we have intimacy and relationship.  



We walk in God’s love and release love to the community around us in supernatural and practical ways.